Project Italy Sketchbook pt.4 (final)

new 37
full moon in barcelona
new 38
new 39
viterbo details & thoughts

new 40

new 41
religious hand signal study for art class
new 42
viterbo skyline
new 43
ibiza, spain
new 44
beach in ibiza, spain
new 45
ibiza, spain
new 46
shot down

new 47new 48new 49

new 50
santorini, greece
new 51
athens & santorini, greece
new 52
new 53
art class
new 54
exterior of church in viterbo
new 55
poppy & greece film

new 56

new 57
basquiat & detail of piazza san pelligrino
new 58
new 59
art class, piazza delle commune
new 61
viterbo, universita di tuscia

new 62new 63

new 64
return to the states

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